The Solution!

Through extensive research and development, Screen Offset Printing is pleased to announce a significant and exciting upgrade in our printing capabilities. In addition to all our other services, the 2 new presses have been purchased for their high quality printing, speed and for their well documented environmental credentials. Produced by leading printing press manufacturer, Komori Corporation of Japan, the Lithrone S40 and Lithrone S29P Presses have completely revolutionised the way we operate without compromising on anything. This new technology is the first of its kind in Queensland and is guaranteed to set the standard across the printing industry.

What are the benefits?

Screen Offset Printing continues our commitment to exceed customer expectations while protecting the environment by;

  1. Reducing paper waste: The full automation with Komori KHS (high speed inking system) on our new presses greatly reduce paper losses during make-ready operations. This is also a great time saver!
  2. Reducing energy consumption: New presses have been designed with the latest high efficiency inverter style motors and pumps to minimise power consumption, thereby reducing carbon emissions.
  3. Reducing waste: The use of a cloth wash system means no liquid waste to dispose of. The oil-less bearings and integrated oil pump and filter are much friendlier for the environment.
  4. Reduced emissions - less chemicals and less noise pollution:
    • Additional roller specifications along with a new generation fountain solution has enabled the presses to accommodate non alcohol printing. This initiative has meant we have eliminated alcohol from our premises and are one of the few multi-colour lithographic printers in Australia to have achieved this outcome. Instead of solvent based ink Screen Offset Printing has been using vegetable/soy oil based inks and have been achieving outstanding results.
    • The environmental impact in the manufacturing of vegetable based ink, printing with it and recycling of it is greatly lessened compared to solvent based ink. It is also much safer for employees, as the lack of solvent has practically eliminated any vapours coming from the machine.
    • All pumps and motors are housed in soundproof cabinets, which makes working on the floor quieter and safer for our employees, allowing for a much more concentrated focus on the tasks at hand.

Awarded “Emissions Tested & Safety” Certification:

The Komori presses have been awarded the BG Emissions Test Certificate, passing extensive emission testing and measurements in Japan, UK and Denmark. The presses are designed and built so that the relevant emissions (such as cleaning solvents, dampening solution additives, inks and varnishes) are well below the internationally recognised standards.

The presses have also passed rigorous safety inspections and have earned a GS safety certification in the continued fields of “Environmental Protection” and “Protection of Health”.

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