Building signage is in the DNA of Screen Offset Printing Business Development Manager Anthony Dickson.

“The challenges, the step by step, the back and forward with the client, discussing art work to the finished product – It’s really great! I really love it!”

It’s the reflex response of Anthony Dickson when discussing building signage whether that be composite panelling, digital prints placed on building facias, graphics on office windows, statutory signage, vision strips, branding, logos or frosting – just to name a few!

“I thrive on being able to look at a finished product especially when it’s a rebranding of a particular client to do their office fit-out, their entry signs, reception signs and that sort of stuff,” Anthony said.

“It gives you that sense of success that you’ve helped someone that didn’t have a clue what they wanted and you start from that blank canvas and went right through to the finished product with everything in between.”

Screen Offset Printing has a customer-focused building signage project process that breathes clarity and transparency from concept to installation.

With lots of listening and client requirements voiced, the next step is in this building signage process is to look at the install process.

Anthony explains why starting from the end is the best way to begin!

“You figure out what sort of materials you’re going to need for that surface because that’s going to determine, working back, how to price the job, how to put it to the client for the best results and for the best outcome.

When you’re looking at the install process, you’re look at a whole range of possibilities which includes looking at fixings, you’re looking at materials – does it need a frame, is it composite panelling, is it fabricated lettering and if that surface needs to be flat to be mounted to.

In this project for Macquarie Bank, the door plates were made from 1mm thick aluminium that were powder coated. 1mm thick Copper laminate was also routed into the doors to allow for the numbers to stand out.

VEND Market Place at Virginia in Brisbane

Once you grasp the installation side of the process you can work back from that to break down the materials that you’ve got to order, right through to product time, your installation time.

By the time you’ve work through that you’ve got a set figure for your client. They know what they’re looking at – you’re providing the full service for them”,  Anthony said.

It’s a system only an organisation can construct with an abundance of hands-on experience within the building and construction signage Industry.

Screen Offset Printing offers a complete building signage printing solution from concept to doorstep including installation.

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