The mere whisper of the word ‘follower’ will have those in earshot attribute the word to the people that follow social media accounts.

But prior to the onset of social media, a follower was more accustomed to mean, business stationary.

Followers are the sheets of a letter, or document, that come after the letterhead – the subsequent pages.

As such a follower has less information on it than a letterhead, which will include attributes such as the business address, logo and corporate colours.

The letterhead will establish a professional identity while followers will continue the corporate branding in a style and manner that creates a total synergy.

For this reason, followers play a very important role in maintaining the required professional image.

The alternative to this is having boring non-branded pages. In the world of business, every little bit counts and having beautifully designed and printed followers provide that extra edge.

And this is where Screen Offset Printing can help with excellent printing quality and a fast turn-around.

If you have an existing design all you need to do is send across your files and we can start the process.

For a start-up business which is yet to commission logos and colour schemes etc, we can assist in producing the look and feel you’re after. Screen Offset Printing has longstanding relationships with leading designers.

Professional Business stationary that promotes your business identity and in-turn products and services is essential.

Before print is put to paper, a series of quality checks are carried out to ensure everything from the design to the colour of the followers are exactly as required.

Ensuring that the colours are absolutely exact is imperative and it’s an aspect of the project you must not compromise on.

This process can also involve clients coming in to observe the printing process.

Call Screen Offset Printing today on (07) 3265 1900 today, request a quote via our website or drop into the office at 202 Robinson Road, Geebung Brisbane.

Screen Offset Printing is your total printing solution.

It’s why we have an ever growing community of followers!