PIX Banners are an economic retractable banner system available in widths of 800 and 1000mm. The PIX offers a 2 year warranty under normal use.



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PiX BANNERS are your go to solution for making a statement at any event. These retractable banners, proudly made in Australia, give you plenty of room to showcase your graphics. You get to choose the size that works for you: either 800mm width x 2100mm height or 1000mm width x 2100mm height.

The PiX stands out because it’s not just a regular banner. It can even light up from the inside, making it a real attention-grabber, especially in open spaces. And the best part? They’re lightweight (only 3.5kg), super easy to fold up in minutes, and come with a handy carry bag.

But here’s where it gets even better – these banners aren’t just for looks. They are like your secret weapon for impressing people. Whether you’re showing off your brand or sharing important info, these banners are designed to leave a lasting impression. Plus, they come with a two-year warranty under normal use, so you know they’ve got your back for the long haul.

Setting up your display is a breeze too. The fixed-height support pole makes it quick and easy – just what you need for exhibitions. And with 30 years of printing expertise from Brisbane, Screen Offset Printing knows that good printing reflects well on your business. That’s why we use the latest printing tech to make sure you look your best.

Rest easy knowing that all PiX retractable banners are printed with high-resolution output on sturdy material with anti-scratch coating and UV protection. The internal roller mechanism adds that extra bit of confidence, so your display won’t let you down, even during those crucial presentations or expos. Elevate your events with PiX BANNERS – where quality, simplicity, and reliability come together for a standout visual experience.

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