Display Racks and Promo Counters from Screen Offset Printing in Brisbane offer numerous solutions to display your products or services material, whether for use in-office, at a business function or a Trade Show.

The visual presentation of the Display Racks and Promo Counters are amazing, with high resolution images able to be printed on the fabric.

These Fabric Tension Displays are also exceptionally easy to transport and come with a carry bag.

The frame is made from lightweight and highly durable aluminium with each component numbered. This makes the installation and disassembling process an absolute cinch!

The fire-retardant fabric easily slips over the frame!

The Racks and Counters are available in a number of shapes – rectangle, square, triangle or oval.

Display Racks

Which Display Rack is best suited for your purpose will be determined by what you want to display, from written material such as brochures and catalogues to specific products and promotional material.

Where you want to position your Display Rack will also determine which one is more appropriate.

The Backwall Display Rack, as its name suggests, is perfect for positioning against a wall. There is also an option to include a header to further distinguish your brands identity.

With a firm sturdy base, the other Display Racks can be suitably positioned anywhere in a designated space. This allows viewers to take in your displayed products or services from any side.

This is particularly convenient for highly attended Trade Shows where you don’t want to miss an opportunity.

  • Backwall Display Rack
  • Backwall Display Rack with header
  • Oval Display Counter
  • Square Display Rack
  • Triangle Display Rack

Promotional Counters   

Promotional Counters make a fantastic front-of-house statement. Like the Display Racks, high resolution images are able to be printed on the fabric.

Also referred to as Pop Up Counters, these counters can be used in combination with Displays Racks and other Screen Offset Printing Fabric Tension Displays or simply as a stand-alone feature.

The raised headers included in all of these Promo Counters inject an extra dimension of visibility to capture and engage an audience.

Another functional feature of the Promo Counters and Display Racks is the ability to hide stock within the frame behind the fabric.

  • Oval Promo Counter
  • Square Promo Counter
  • Triangle Promo Counter

You can order your Display Racks and Promotional Counters online at www.screenoffsetprinting.com.au or (07) 3265 1900. Alternatively, simply call into the office at 202 Robinson Road, Geebung Brisbane to discuss your signage needs.

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