This 3D Tower Display is defined uniquely with a concave top profile which can be matched perfectly with certain products.

Standing and eye-catching two metres tall and 92cm wide, the Fabric Tension Display 3D Tower Banner is made for impact.

With striking high definition images and slick curved appearance, the Towers Series can be deployed with absolute purpose with products or services in mind.

The 3D Tower has a plethora of uses from Trade Shows, advertising displays, exhibition or as a defining feature in a booth set-up.

As is the case with all of Screen Offset Printing’s Fabric Tension Displays, this Tower Banner is lightweight and a dream to assemble and disassemble.

The total weight of the display is 7kg with the frame made from aluminium and the 250g fabric is Fireproof B1 level 100% polyester which is washable and wrinkle free.

The frame comprises a series of numbered tubes. Assembly simply require connecting the matching tubes together then sliding the one-piece graphic fabric onto the frame like a pillow followed by closing the zipper.

To disassemble to Banner simply reverse the set-up process.

Tower Series - Fabric Tension Display

The printing of the graphic on the fabric is full colour dye sublimation. A high-resolution graphic is also able to be printed on both sides.

The Fabric Tension Display 3D Tower is an exciting display innovation. It’s a stand out product that is highly functional, versatile and practical.

You also have the option of adding LED powered lights to illuminate your stunning designs. The LED lights easily attached over the tubular frame work. They’re bright and can be angled and tilted to suit.

While you will love the look of the Tower Series you will adore just how easy it is to transport.

The durability and sturdiness of the banner means you can use it time and time again and even with a different ‘skin’. You can order a different fabric tension graphic at will!

Other frame designs are also available in the Tower Series.

Screen Offset Printing is your printing solution specialist for Fabric Tension Displays.

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