The Fabric Tension Display, Exhibition Package 2 provides an open space area that opens up the floor to show-off your products or services.

The long 5 metre back wall makes for a remarkable and stunning presence that will enable you to make a defining statement at any Trade Show.

Exhibition Package 2 includes:

•             1 x 3m Straight Back Wall

•             2 x 1m (w) x 2.5m (h) Waterfall top Wings

•             Combined back wall width would be 5m (wide)

We all know first impressions are very important in particular at an Expo when thousands of people flood through the doors looking to be impressed.

This eye-catching Exhibition package will enable you to stand out from your business competitors.

Exhibition Package 2

The fabric can be printed on with high resolution and the finish is just as good, if not better than printing on a traditional rigid surface.

The Fabric Tension Displays, also referred to as soft signage, are light and easy to install and disassemble. They pack into a bag which makes the Exhibition Displays a breeze to move from one place to the next which removes a deal of stress.

The fabric Exhibition Package 2, makes shipping a thing of the past and costs are also minimised as with the traditional rigid display, things get lost or damaged.

So, it’s a very easy product to just pack up and take with you!

For your next Expo, seminar or conference think Screen Offset Printings’, Fabric Tension Display – Exhibition Package 2. It’s an incredible choice.

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