“There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come”.

The time had come for Empire Accountants to let their new Brisbane office location be more easily found by clients, new and old.

And it all began with an idea best summed up by the Victor Hugo quote above.

From the idea, a collaboration of minds resulted to achieve the wanted result – a powerful new presence for Empire Accountants at Metroplex Avenue Murarrie, Brisbane.

The coming together involved Empire Accountant Partner Beth Hodge, Graf-X Design Suite Director and Principal Designer James Meale and Screen Offset Printing.

The wanted result was to design, produce and install exterior building signage.

Following a meeting with Beth, James produced a design and concept which he delivered to Screen Offset Printing.

“I wanted Empire to own the building, to own this corner of the complex almost looking like they had naming rights to the whole complex. So, we wanted something large – something that would stand out and something that wouldn’t break the bank as well”, James said.

Screen Offset Printing was tasked with taking the design and concept to the next level and create a huge impact in the complex.

After further consultation the recommendation of raised lettering and logo placement on composite panelling was approved.

A large 50mm thick Aluminium frame was required to support the 5m x 2m sign face that had 20mm thick 2 Pac painted acrylic logo and lettering pin fixed to the composite panels.

“The new signage is absolutely wonderful because our new clients can now find us, so from a practicality point of view it was really important to us. We had a deal of struggle when we first moved into this building with clients not being able to find the building so practically the signage has ticked that box really well since opening. Aesthetically it’s really pleasing to look at. You can really see the level of detail that’s gone into it”, Beth said.

Graf-X Design Suite and Screen Offset Printing have a long-standing relationship in producing and delivering high end projects from concept to installation.
“That signage is like a handshake, particularly when a new client comes to their office. It’s such an impressive arrival for people to come”, James said.

The Building Signage at Empire Accountants is a stand-out and represents the quality services provided by everyone involved in this team effort.

“The power of exterior building signage can’t be underestimated as it says a lot about a business from that initial impact it has on your clients to them building able to find your business because of such large exposure”.

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