Paper spammed by distorted facts

It’s an astronomical world figure! Internet spam wastes 33 billion kilowatt hours (kWh) annually with the same greenhouse gas emissions as 3.1 million passenger cars using over 7.5 billion litres of gasoline.

That’s enough to drive a car around Earth 1.6 million times.

This figure was estimated by Internet security software company McAfee.

To put this into perspective, the average Australian household uses an average of 41 kWh per day, average cost = $9.01 per day.

When you add in the energy used to produce electronic devices, from iPhone to desktop computers and the millions discarded, electronic media is having a huge impact on the environment.

Compare this to paper, which has one of the lowest carbon footprints.

More than 95% of wood fibre used in Australia to make paper in Australia is sourced from independently certified forests. These are commercial operations that as a business model rely on reforestation.

The produced paper goes back into the system with 77% of catalogues recycled. 99% are recyclable.

This makes paper a highly eco-efficient waste management option.

You can appreciate why Paper Advocacy Group, ‘Two Sides’ openly states that the Paper Industry has been given an unfair misguided wrap. The slogan ‘Go Green Go Paperless’ is a paper-thin argument when you look at the presented facts about electronic marketing.

‘Two Sides’ cause isn’t about bagging the electronic marketing systems, rather openly presenting the truth about the paper industry.

At the customer facing level, Printing businesses have environmental policies as part of their business models.

Screen Offset Printing at 202 Robinson Road Geebung in Brisbane, has long been committed to minimising its environmental impact across a wide range of our operations; from the choice of printing press and printing products through to the day to day staff practices and production.

Screen Offset Printing’s consistently pursue improvements, such as saving energy and other resources, reusing, recycling and reducing all waste from corporate activities.

Going paperless does not mean you’re going green. Physically and proactively recycling paper at work and at home does.

Just imagine if the world wide web shut down for a day! In 1 day, Internet spam wastes 90.4 million kilo watt hours with the same greenhouse gas emissions as 8,493 passengers using over 20.5 million litres of gasoline. That’s enough to drive a car around Earth 4,384 times.