Corflute Insertable A-Frame

Corflute Insertable A-Frames are available in 600w x 900h. Insert up to 2 corflutes.

This A-Frame is quick and easy to change to display multiple messages.





The Corflute Insertable A-Frame is the ultimate marketing solution for businesses big and small. These A-Frames are versatile tools that empower you to tell your story in a dynamic and engaging way.

What sets these Corflute Insertable A-Frame apart is their user-friendly design. With a simple remove-and-replace mechanism, changing displays becomes a quick and hassle-free process. The double-sided dimensions of 600mm width and 900mm height ensure your messages catch the eyes of both left and right oncoming traffic. This makes them an unbeatable choice for footpath-level advertising.

Crafted with sturdy metal frames, these A-Frames are built to last, guaranteeing durability in various conditions. The lightweight corflutes make them a cost-effective signage solution suitable for indoor and outdoor to ensure your messages reach your target audience.

The use of UV inks and a special printing method on one side ensures that your corflute sign is not only scuff-resistant but also weatherproof. Maintenance is a cinch – a quick wipe keeps it looking fresh and vibrant.

What makes the Corflute Insert A-Frame truly exceptional is their adaptability. Whether you’re showcasing your brand, promoting specials or running call-to-action campaigns these A-Frames provide the perfect canvas for your business narrative. From the smallest corner shop to larger enterprises, they cater to businesses of all sizes.

Remember, your business story is unique, and if you don’t tell it, no one else will. Embrace the impact of a Corflute Insert A-Frame for an affordable and dynamic marketing tool to ensure your message leaves a lasting impression.