Water Fillable A-Frame

Water Fillable A-Frame is ideal for areas prone to high wind – sprung loaded to combat high wind.

Easy Interchangeable with convenient snap frame.

Graphic size 600 x 900.



Water Fillable A-Frame

Experience the ideal solution for areas prone to high winds with our Water Fillable A-Frame. Crafted with stability in mind, this A-Frame display can be filled with either water or sand, ensuring it remains firmly grounded even in the windiest conditions.

To enhance stability, the base connects to the metal signage panels through springs, providing an additional layer of security against gusty winds. The A-Frame can be effortlessly relocated to a protected location indoors using the wheels on the base.

The Water Fillable A-Frame is characterized by class and convenience. The snap frame enables quick and tool-free changes, facilitating easy alterations to your display. This A-Frame stands out as a prominent footpath display and is available in a striking double-sided size of 600mm width x 900mm height.

With a modern and unique design, this display is undeniably eye-catching, serving as an effective method to draw attention to your business at a footpath level. Screen Offset Printing provides various advertising sign options, such as corflutes and vinyls, with UV inks ensuring scuff resistance and weatherproof durability.

Maintenance becomes effortless – a simple wipe with a cloth preserves the pristine appearance of your sign. Clients will value the professional aesthetics of the Water Fillable A-Frame, often influencing their decision to enter your business.

Whether you operate a newsagency, accounting firm, general retail store, arts and craft shop, restaurant, or café, the Water Fillable A-Frame proves to be a fantastic option to showcase your unique selling points. Opt for this sleek and sturdy A-Frame display to create a lasting impression and stand out in any windy or bustling setting.

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