Metal Faced A-Frame

Metal faced A-frame includes printing to 2 sides onto vinyl and mounted to the fixed metal face.

Available in 2 sizes – 600 x 900 and 900 x 1200.

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Metal Faced A-Frame

The Metal Faced A-Frame is your key to a lasting and impactful marketing presence. Designed for permanence, this A-Frame boasts a robust metal mount over its 600mm x 900mm height and 900mm x 1200mm height display panel.

The chic graphic panels on our Metal Faced A-Frame elegantly showcase your desired message. Printed on vinyl and securely mounted on a fixed metal base, these A-Frames are not just signs; they are durable assets built to withstand the test of time.

Positioned at footpath level, this A-Frame is strategically crafted to draw attention to your business. Its visibility to both pedestrians and passing cars, coupled with the ability to be easily relocatable, ensures that your message reaches your audience effortlessly.

Consider your investment in the Metal Faced A-Frame a one-time affair that pays dividends in catching the eyes of today’s and tomorrow’s buyers. The use of UV inks in the printing process provides additional protection, making the signs not only scuff-resistant but also weatherproof.

Maintenance is a breeze – a simple wipe is all you need to keep your A-Frame looking as good as new. Versatile and customisable, this A-Frame can showcase your business logo, website address or boldly announce an “OPEN NOW” status. Its applications extend beyond business marketing; it can serve as directional signage, safety messages in a complex or even as Real Estate Open House alerts.

The uses are vast, making the A-Frame an influential and cost-effective marketing tool for any business. Invest in a sign that not only speaks volumes but also stands the test of time, amplifying your business message with every passing glance. Elevate your marketing strategy with the enduring impact of the  Metal Faced A-Frame.

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600 x 900h, 900x1200h